New EUROCONTROL Raising the Aviation Bar podcast on the challenge of integrating drones into European airspace

Drones have a huge potential to resolve emergency situations, conduct vital inspections, make safe deliveries, transport people across cities, and much more – making their rapid evolution, and integration into today’s airspace, among the most exciting aviation topics.

Our new #RTAB Raising the Aviation Bar podcast – the series that brings the aviation community topical insights into aviation’s hottest challenges, from the experts and business leaders working to tackle them – gets the latest sectoral insights from Munish Khurana, EUROCONTROL’s Senior Manager Business Development Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM).

What can we expect? Check out our podcast for a comprehensive market overview, a summary of all the ways in which EUROCONTROL supports the aviation industry and our Member States with research and innovation, airspace risk assessments and other work to help implement U-space, as well as Munish’s views on how drones could improve our lives in the future – and what is likely to be accomplished, and when.

Also covered: the regulatory and technical challenge of integrating drones, as well as the wider ecosystem needed in the future in terms of physical and digital infrastructure. And in particular, the key question of public acceptance with regard to concerns over noise, safety, and privacy.

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