Partnership Between AIRmarket and INVOLI Offers Scalable Solutions for UAV in Alberta Energy Sector

AIRmarket has a history of working with world-class companies to develop Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), specifically for drone traffic. One of these partnerships includes working with INVOLI, in order to provide surveillance for cooperative air traffic.

AIRmarket has deployed this on the first segment of the Energy UTM trials. This is part of AIRmarket’s asset inventory, and it forms a foundation for the UTM service delivery. “We have finalized hardware deployment on TELUS towers in the Edmonton region, and are actively monitoring the airspace for the first phase of the Energy UTM trials,” says CEO and Founder of AIRmarket, Lindsay Mohr. “We feel ADS-B transponders will play an increasing role for manned aviation. Combined with Remote ID RPAS services, transponder surveillance will form the foundation of the digital conspicuity framework in Canada.”

INVOLI is part of the Swiss U-Space Implementation, a nationwide collaborative effort for safely integrating drones into the airspace, led by the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority and Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider Skyguide, alongside a growing group of industry stakeholders.

The INVOLI receivers are deployed on existing TELUS cell towers. Using the INVOLI G-1090 air traffic receiver, our SKYLINK UTM system has comprehensive air traffic awareness. The hardware system from INVOLI supports all versions of transponders (Mode A/C/S/ADS-B) and the software includes multilateration capabilities.

Recently, this partnership was taken to the next level, as AIRmarket will become the first UTM provider to benefit from INVOLI.Analytics services. INVOLI.Analytics include, a Surveillance Coverage Map, Traffic Density Map, and MLAT simulation that will allow AIRmarket to perform a quantitative residual air risk assessment and meet the Tactical Mitigation Performance Requirements to meet the safety objectives.

INVOLI CEO, Manu Lubrano, noted: “It is a pleasure to work with AIRmarket. Our partnership has evolved significantly over the past months, and it is an incredible environment to demonstrate how our solutions can effectively support BVLOS operations. Our recent collaboration on Traffic Data Analytics (INVOLI.Analytics) is pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in the field of Air Risk Mitigation for drone operations.”

For more information on the Skylink UTM system, go to

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