EASA launches first version of digital information platform on drones and air taxis

COLOGNE, December 11, 2023 - The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has launched a digital space for the exchange of information on air taxis and drones. This will create transparency and thus reassure citizens that their concerns about the introduction of these services in Europe’s cities are being fully addressed.

“Today’s launch is the first step in connecting the many new aviation partners who have a stake in Innovative Air Mobility,” said EASA Acting Executive Director Luc Tytgat. “We want to demonstrate to citizens that Europe and EASA are putting everything in place to ensure a safe and sustainable introduction of these new aircraft. They will be able to find out how these services will work and gain reassurance on matters such as noise level and safety.”

The first version of the Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) Hub enables cities, regions, national authorities, operators, and manufacturers who have a role in the introduction of these air taxi and drone services to connect. They can then share and obtain reliable information and data.

This will be published on the EASA website in a new domain area “Drones and Air Mobility”. This domain also contains comprehensive information on how these services will work. The project is funded by the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is Flagship Action Number 7 of the European Commission Drone Strategy 2.0. to enable a smart and sustainable EU drones market.

Quotes from some of our stakeholders
Ville Lehmuskoski, City of Helsinki Executive Director of the Urban Environment Division:

“Space is the most limited resource in cities. With airspace, we can use an extra dimension, which is why drones and Innovative Air Mobility have great potential for smart cities. We want to ensure that these Innovations are benefiting our city and citizens. Through the IAM Hub, we are working with EASA and all stakeholders to achieve this.”

Director General of ENAC – Italian CAA – Alessio Quaranta:

“It is important to develop this new sector throughout the European Union in a coordinated and interoperable manner. The launch of the IAM Hub platform is one of the steps in this direction, resulting from the commitment and joint effort of the European Institutions and the Member States, with the aim of involving citizens and stakeholders in the developments and new possibilities provided by innovative air mobility services, which will allow an increase in the connectivity of territories and services contributing to the realisation of dual green and digital transition.”

Volocopter Chief Risk and Certification Officer, Oliver Reinhardt:

“Public acceptance is key to bringing a new form of safe, quiet, and emission-free mobility to cities around the world. This can only be reached by entering into an open and honest dialogue with all relevant and affected parties, and by demonstrating the benefits of electric air taxis. As an aircraft developer we have and continue to show public test flights to further enhance the general understanding of this new technology. We fully support EASA’s effort to connect all UAM participants to provide transparency and generate awareness with citizens and stakeholders. As Volocopter, we will ensure to share new relevant data with the regulator to further this endeavour, especially after commercial launch.”

Bobby Healy, CEO of Manna:

“As our industry grows, transparency, communications and education are key, and the IAM Hub is the engine for it all. We are proud to have played our part in making it a reality, and look forward to doing our part to mitigate the climate crisis, creating jobs, and making suburban living better across Europe.”

Additional background information

The concept of “innovative air mobility” covers operations with drones and with new types of people-carrying aircraft that have a completely different design from the familiar aeroplanes or helicopters. These are often referred to as air taxis. Both drones and air taxis can be used for a wide range of services, including services for the common good, such as medical deliveries or transfer of doctors or patients to allow urgent treatment.

A survey of 4,000 citizens organised by EASA in November 2020 showed that 83% of European citizens are positive about Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) and services with drones and electric aircraft. However, citizens also raised concerns on safety, privacy, noise and sustainability, and made clear that they expect these to be addressed. These findings are an important input for EASA’s work in this area.

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