Dufour Aerospace announces selection of Volz Servos as servo partner for Aero2

Dufour Aerospace is pleased to announce that the German electromechanical actuator manufacturer Volz Servos has been selected as a supplier for the uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft Aero2.

Volz supplies the project with the DA 26-D as well as the DA 15-T.

The fully redundant DA 26-D is made for applications with highest reliability demands – such as steering surfaces: Thus, all major components like electric motors, control and communication electronics, and power supply of the DA 26-D are available twice. The position sensor features a three-channel design (for 2 out of 3 voting).

The throttle servo DA 15-T in the Suter engine of the Aero2 is a compact fly-by-wire actuator for direct installation on the throttle valve shaft of combustion engines. That eliminates the need for the rudder linkage and bowden cables, shortens the installation time, and minimises the installation space and overall weight.

Simon Bendrey, Head of Design of Dufour Aerospace, says: „Volz are industry leaders in UAS actuation systems and offer a suite of robust and durable servos which Dufour are happy to utilise on their aircraft. For the elevator specifically, Dufour requires full power and control redundancy, which is provided by the Volz DA 26-D unit. We look forward to a long relationship with Volz on the supply of these key system components to our aircraft.“

„The Dufour Aero2 is a very exciting and promising project with its ingenious combination of helicopter and airplane features. The demand for such applications in the cargo market is huge and the future is auspicious. Therefore, we at Volz are proud to be selected as supplier for this new drone and look forward to working with Dufour in the years to come“, says Volz Director Sales & Business Development Felix Thun.

About Volz Servos GmbH

Volz Servos is a privately held company which has been designing and producing advanced actuators in Germany since 1983. Volz provides actuators which are used in the aviation, aerospace, robotic, automotive, and medical industries. They are used on several global UAV applications meeting performance, reliability and durability requirements that cannot be met with off-the-shelf remote control (RC) aircraft servos. www.volz-servos.com

About Dufour Aerospace

‍Dufour Aerospace develops efficient and ecological aircraft for patient and passenger transport, logistics and public safety. Dufour Aerospace’s designs currently under development rely on the tilt-wing principle. They take-off and land vertically in the smallest space like a helicopter but fly as fast and economically as an airplane. While the propellers are electric-driven, hybrid elements (conventional combustion engines or fuel cells) ensure a sufficiently long range. The first product Dufour Aerospace will launch is the Aero2, an uncrewed aerial vehicle specifically designed for the transportation of critical cargo such as medical supplies of up to 40 kilograms/88 pounds in medium to long range distances. The manned Aero3, featuring a spacious cabin with eight seats and large doors, is the next aircraft in development by Dufour Aerospace. dufour.aero

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