Dronetag Unveils Time-Limited Offer: Combo Package with New Generation Broadcast Remote ID Module for 99 USD

March 6, 2024 – Dronetag has launched the second generation of their Remote ID broadcast module called BS (Basic Solution). The BS module weighs 0.035 oz (1 gram), which makes it the tiniest and lightest Remote ID solution for drone pilots on the current market. Despite its miniature size, BS is packed with technology offering priceless features for hobby pilots (FPV & RC models). Dronetag now offers the BS module as a standalone Combo package with enclosure, battery, charger, and antennas in a time-limited offer for a one-off price of 99 USD. The action package is in stock and ready to be shipped before the FAA deadline on March 16, 2024.

The cheapest option to become Remote ID compliant costs pilots 85 USD at an official price point – see the comparison table below or download. For the price of a single BigMac menu, customers can now upgrade to the Dronetag BS Combo. This cutting-edge solution, including the module, antennas, enclosure, and battery, weighs only 0.176 oz (5 grams), making it the lightest option providing full Remote ID compliance. Dronetag’s premium hardware and software features make it the most popular and best-selling device on the market. Customers can choose to acquire the BS Combo either via the Dronetag e-shop or explore the offerings provided by authorized resellers, Drone Nerds, and NewBeeDrone. There is limited stock of the BS Combo available and the offer is valid until March 16, 2024.

Comparison of Selected Remote ID Modules for Drone Pilots*
RID Module Weight (grams) Dimensions (millimeters) Battery Life (hours) Price (USD)
Dronetag BS Combo 5 23 x 16 x 12 4 99
BlueMark db120 25 51 x 48 x 28 3 137
Holy Stone HSRID01 14 39 x 30 x 13 5 89
Pierce Aerospace B1 29 75 x 24 x 19 8 275
Zing Z-RIDTM Lite 30 40 x 40 x 30 4 85
uAvionix pingRID 21 43 x 25 x 17 2 299
Spektrum SkyID 14 35 x 23 x 18 No battery 99
* based on data from manufacturers’ official websites, snapshot taken on Feb 29, 2024

“Compliance has never been our only goal. Throughout the creation process of the second-generation BS, we eagerly delved into the perspectives and desires shared by drone enthusiasts and hobby pilots worldwide. We combed through forums, engaged in discussions, and closely monitored social media to gain valuable insights into what the drone community truly needs. We then transformed all this knowledge into a hardware component that pushes technological boundaries of the Remote ID market,” says Lukas Brchl, founder and CEO of Dronetag.

The BS makes pilots’ lives trouble-free thanks to a thorough mix of unique features. Direct integration of the RID module with Spectrum receivers and Betaflight flight controllers. Real-time flight logs stored in the hardware flash memory in BS. Or synchronization with the Dronetag mobile application, where all flight data can be viewed, exported as logs, or visualized by uploading KML map data to Google Earth or the cloud.

Based on the market and community research, Dronetag crafted the new BS and set up the game-changing deal package, including a wide range of accessories. What is new in the second-generation BS:

The new enclosure design has a battery slot specifically for the second-generation BS. It adds extra protection, enhances aesthetics, and simplifies attaching the module to the aircraft. The new enclosure turns BS into a completely standalone battery-powered module. There is also a second enclosure option without the battery slot for those who prefer powering their module from any up to 17V power source.
Ultra Compact Bluetooth & GNSS Wire antennas are now both included in the package.
Adding SAW filters improves the BS radio interference immunity. This upgrade has a direct impact on GNSS performance, stability, and precision. This improvement is based on the input from FPV pilots who utilize high-power transmitters and have occasionally encountered interference issues.
The LED placed on the BS circuit board’s top side helps check whether the device is ready visually.
An M1.6 threaded column has been added to simplify mounting a plastic enclosure to the device circuit board. It can also be used for various DIY mounts.
As some pilots prefer soldering their own cables instead of using JST connectors, the new BS has solder pads on the bottom side of the circuit board.
BS now supports both Spektrum XBUS and SRXL2. It can also feed telemetry data to the Betaflight or similar flight controllers via UART, acting as a GPS module while simultaneously broadcasting Remote ID data.
Based on the pilots’ feedback, the new generation BS has a dedicated USB-C battery charger.
Dronetag BS supports multiple powering options, from the provided battery, drone battery, or any other 5V power source.

Flight Logging & GPS Data Feeds for Spektrum Receivers
New features turn BS into a 2-in-1 positioning and Remote ID transmitter, saving pilots valuable payload of their aircraft. Pilots using Spektrum receivers will appreciate extended compatibility – Dronetag BS can feed live GPS data to Spektrum receivers through XBUS and SRXL2, acting as a GPS module. Also, connecting Dronetag BS to the Spektrum telemetry receiver will enable pilots to access live positioning data such as exact location, speed, or height.

Another area that has undergone improvements is log and flight data management. The new BS additionally enables storing flight logs in the device’s internal flash memory and uploading them via Bluetooth to the Dronetag App for flight management right after the landing. The application is available for iOS and Android.

“We are rolling out software features based on the drone community feedback. Now, our customers can use their Remote ID modules as flight trackers – and analyze their flights in the mobile app like we are all used to from sports trackers. Spektrum receiver users will appreciate using BS as a positioning device, feeding live GPS data simultaneously with RID broadcasting. We are the only manufacturer on the current market offering such a powerful stack of smart features for a one-off price,“ explains Lukas Brchl.

FAA-Approved Remote ID Solution from the Worldwide Remote ID Leading Provider
Dronetag BS was created for the community of American drone pilots annoyed by the FAA policy forcing them to use Remote ID on their small or custom-made RC models and FPV drones. The Dronetag BS is compatible with any aircraft offering complete Remote ID compliance for the USA (where Remote ID will be required from the 16th of March 2024) and Europe and other countries where a similar policy is planned or already in action.

„The Dronetag team is on a mission to prove the usefulness of RID, which many pilots still consider a bureaucratic annoyance. I am sure that making drone flying a little more organized will help us all – allowing advanced commercial operations in the airspace while adding new features that we, pilots, appreciate. And our latest generation of products goes precisely this way,“ summarizes Lukas Brchl.

About Dronetag

Dronetag is a manufacturer of Remote Identification solutions for drone pilots and manufacturers. Dronetag devices transmit identification and location data to other airspace participants via the Dronetag App, which offers advanced fleet management tools to professional pilots. The company’s vision of safer airspace relies on innovative unmanned traffic management and digitally visible drones.

For more information, press inquiries, or any other, please visit https://dronetag.cz

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