Creating the ecosystem for the UAV and eVTOL market

Brussels, 24th of March, 2022. The Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME) is an organisation for all stakeholders connecting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), their related services and electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOLs) with the necessary air and ground infrastructures. A complementary set of leading companies has come together to implement a vision: to create a New Mobility community enabling these complex integration processes. The focus is in particular on the integration with cities (Urban Air Mobility), ports and industrial sites.

“AME is a European-driven alliance involved at EU-level in all relevant bodies and working groups across Europe”, explains Jan-Eric Putze, Board President of AME. “We accompany EU rule-making for UAVs in all its steps, and we pay attention to the emergence of a viable market for UAVs, their services and eVTOLs. Also, we put substantial efforts into bringing individual communities together and instigate the necessary work on standardisation and harmonisation to connect and integrate the different stakeholder groups and sectors with the goal to create a functioning ecosystem and market.”

AME is a founding member of SESAR3 where the alliance sees a great opportunity to work further on its goals and ambitions. AME is called “alliance” to underline its ambition to connect, bring together and foster exchange. In this context, it is developing a number of partnerships with likeminded organisations in Europe. It also stands for technologically neutral, performance-based rules that give room for the dynamism of the sector and allow SMEs the manoeuvring room they need to thrive: it promotes solutions for the sector, not individual business models.

While AME supports all efforts to create a complete set of rules and standards for a European Drone Market incl. eVTOLs, it pays utmost attention to security and safety: There will be no sustainable market if not all elements of the overall architecture fulfil the safety levels that society is used to in Europe. AME also acknowledges the strong need to develop the cyber security of any such devices.

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About the members of the AME:

Abionica Solutions offers professional engineering and consultancy services for the aerospace industry, supporting the design, development and integration of Flight Control Technology for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and related engineering services along the development life-cycle of unmanned vehicles. Leveraging in our expertise, we also offer consultancy services aimed to help our customers along the process to obtain the airworthiness certificates required to operate their solutions.

Azur Drones is a leader in drone-in-a-box solutions. Based in France, the company has designed the SKEYETECH solution to enhance security and support operation over sensitive sites. Fully autonomous, SKEYETECH is operational 24/7 to collect aerial data or carry out perimeter patrols, specific checks and inspection missions. SKEYETECH systems have been deployed on the most sensitive sites in Europe and the Middle East since 2019 thanks to specific BVLOS flight authorizations.

CEPOLIS is the research centre of the Bavarian police university. It is involved in researching the potential benefits and threats stemming from the wide-spread introduction of UAVS into our societies.

DragonFlyPads activity Build and operate the first network of connected landing platforms and „service stations“ (Vertipads) for drone operators. DragonFlyPads stands out from the many classic drone players by positioning itself not on services, machines, software or equipment but on the response to the universal need for infrastructure by setting up a network of ultra-connected and secure Vertipads. These infrastructures, which are an essential element in the development of drone activities, have been forgotten, but as with telecoms, road or air transport are an essential point of passage.

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH, is based in Graz, Austria and is a highly innovative high-tech company that develops safety solutions for safe commercial drone usage. The main focus is on autonomous and data storing parachute rescue solutions that are ejected in case of malfunction.

Droniq is Germany’s leading platform for unmanned aviation. We enable professional drone flights that are safe and in line with applicable regulations. For this we combine the aviation expertise of DFS, the German air navigation service provider, and the competence in mobile communications of Deutsche Telekom. Our goal is to become Germany’s first U-Space Service Provider (USSP). 2021, we laid the foundations for this in the U-Space sandbox Hamburg. By implementing this project we showed for the first time in Europe how the U-space concept of the EASA can be practically implemented.

Dpendent is a Leading provider of ground infrastructures for drones. Dpendent designs and sells the D-LOG One Unmanned Ground Handling Station (UGHS), that offers all types of professional drones a replacement solution in less than a minute of their batteries, fuel, and payload (supplies, sensors, treatment liquids, seeds, parcels, enabling them to safely carry out their mission 24/7 fully autonomously.

D-Flight, an ENAV Group company in partnership with Leonardo and Telespazio, manages the only platform in Italy for the provision of services to drones. We realize the U-Space in Italy for advanced mobility with the aim of facilitating the evolution of Urban Air Mobility. We work for the development and growth of the sector and to guarantee value-added services. We develop enabling technologies for carrying out operations in complex scenarios with high standards of efficiency and sustainability.

The Edge company is a startup born on the idea of using new technologies combined with experience to eradicate the phenomenon of birdstrike. The Edge Company has thus developed a bird & drone detection system for airports. A system capable of identifying birds, recognizing the species, knowing where they are within the area, counting them by performing very precise monitoring. As the birds BCMS VENTUR also detects drones, and can be used for urban air mobility in voloports and urban areas because it is free of harmful emissions, being based on artificial intelligence. In addition to this the Edge Company is developing an airborne system that can identify obstacles from an object in flight, the VenturX system.

ParaZero has been founded in 2014 in Be’er Sheva, Israel, ParaZero Drone Safety Solutions the company was founded to solve the industry’s primary challenge – safety. The emerging world of UAS’s is changing many commercial fields, and the potential of drones is being applied in ways never thought possible. Since UAS’s are increasingly present in various civilian applications, safety has become a serious consideration for users and regulators. ParaZero’s vision is to use its drone safety technology to unlock the full potential of the commercial drone industry.

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. Skydio leverages breakthrough AI to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines for use by consumers, enterprises, and government customers. Founded in 2014, Skydio is made up of leading experts in AI, robotics, cameras, and electric vehicles from top companies, research labs, and universities from around the world. Skydio designs, assembles, and supports its products in the U.S. from its headquarters in Redwood City, CA, to offer the highest standards of supply chain and manufacturing security. Skydio is trusted by leading enterprises across a wide range of industry sectors and is backed by top investors and strategic partners including Andreesen Horowitz, Levitate Capital, Next47, IVP, Playground, and NVIDIA.

Unisphere is a specialist for smart software solutions to automate the flight operations of drones and air taxis. The software platform is used by leading BVLOS drone operators and supports both piloted and fully automated flight operations based on its unique simulation technology. Our data-driven analytics solutions enable vertiport and air taxi companies in the design and decision-making process for Urban Air Mobility services. Unisphere was founded in 2017 and is situated in Konstanz, Germany.

Unifly bridges the gap between manned and unmanned aviation. Unifly’s primary mission is to enable the safe and efficient integration of drone traffic around the world. Our focus is always on safety for all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to integrate drones into the general airspace safely, so they become part of our everyday lives. This is the reason we founded Unifly.

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