Cleaner and quieter alternative to helicopter tours coming soon to New York City

Austin, TX - LIFT Aircraft™ (, developer of the world’s first personal, electric, vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to enter production, is excited to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the owners of Charm Aviation (, one of the largest helicopter tour operators on the East Coast, to bring an entirely new kind of personal flight to the Big Apple as early as 2023.

LIFT is launching a new concept in experiential entertainment – anyone will be able to learn to fly its semi-autonomous eVTOL aircraft in less than an hour, and then solo pilot the single seat, ultralight vehicle on aerial tour flights – no pilot’s license required. Under FAA rules, flights are limited to uncongested flyover areas and uncontrolled airspace – so plans are in the works to develop LIFT vertiports along New York City’s many waterfront areas that provide access to the “Class G”, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) corridor that extends up to 1,300 feet around Manhattan.

Unlike most eVTOL aircraft in development today, HEXA is already approved to fly under the FAA’s Part 103 rules, and no pilot’s license is required to fly for personal/recreational, non-commercial use.

“New York is one of the largest markets for helicopter tour and air taxi operations in the world, and we expect the region will be one of the biggest markets for next generation, urban air mobility as well. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the owners of one of the largest helicopter operators in New York to bring LIFT to the region,” say Matt Chasen, CEO of Austin based LIFT Aircraft.

Charm Aviation operates one of the largest helicopter fleets on the East Coast, with operations in New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. The ownership group has a combined 40 years of experience operating helicopters, and also operates one of three existing heliports in Manhattan.

Under the terms of the agreement, LIFT and Charm will establish a joint venture that will have exclusive license from LIFT to operate in the greater NYC area. The parties have agreed to a pre-order for 100 HEXA eVTOL aircraft that they intend to deploy to multiple LIFT vertiport locations they will jointly develop in the greater NYC area over the next five years.

“Our top-selling helicopter tour flights last between 12 to 15 minutes, so HEXA’s flight time is a perfect fit for self-piloted, recreational flights” says Caitlyn Ephraim, President of Charm Aviation. “These are like segway tours, but in the air – with a much better view and much more fun. These small, electric aircraft are “geo-fenced,” to keep them confined to pre-defined flight areas and corridors, have zero direct emissions, and are much quieter than helicopters, so will help to reduce the noise footprint of the fleets of helicopters we operate today. I can’t wait to fly HEXA around the Statue of Liberty. We think this is the future of the helicopter tour market.”

Public agencies like police and fire departments can also use HEXA to reduce first response time by as much as 50%. HEXA has already received its initial airworthiness certification by the USAF, and is expected to be used by the military as a new manned and unmanned aerial platform.

LIFT and the Charm group plan to work with city officials, as well as the FAA, as they select the first NY vertiport site in the coming months, and hope to have initial trial flights in the city starting by the end of 2023. LIFT has already received FAA approval for a location planned in the Austin, TX area, where it is based.

About Lift Aircraft

Austin, Texas-based LIFT Aircraft is leading the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) revolution. LIFT is working with the US Air Force and first response organizations to utilize their aircraft for defense and public service while also launching the world’s first experiential entertainment business based on an entirely new type of personal, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. HEXA, LIFT Aircraft’s multi-rotor, amphibious, ultralight vehicle democratizes the experience of piloting an aircraft, making the joy and utility of personal, vertical flight accessible to all. Find out more at

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