AERTEC’s TARSIS gains in performance for the defence sector

20 December 2022 - AERTEC's TARSIS unmanned aerial systems just took part in the GUILOCHE 22 exercise campaign at the Spanish Army's San Gregorio Training Centre as an aerial observation platform. During these manoeuvres, the TARSIS UAS were used to provide support to meet the campaign's objectives: identify objectives, target acquisition and shot correction support, providing highly accurate coordinates and transferring all this information to the Command Post via the IRIS/TALOS system, the Artillery Command and Control system into which TARSIS is fully integrated.

The TARSIS system carried out missions lasting over 4.5 hours flying at heights of up to 10,000 feet, covering all the assigned objectives and completing all the flight periods, thus demonstrating its operational maturity and reliability. By participating in this type of campaign, the TARSIS demonstrate their ability to operate in far afield scenarios, providing accurate information in virtually real time, and showcase their advanced capabilities for the defence sector in this type of environment.

The TARSIS has a range of up to 140 km and can determine the coordinates of a target to within 5 m at a distance of more than 3 km. It is also one of the few class-I RPAS (The use of RPAS as an observation and surveillance platform will be increasingly necessary to avoid risk to people. To do this, these unmanned systems must have a range that allows them to be deployed from positions far away from both their own command posts and the target area. And despite operating at long distances, they must have payloads that can identify objectives from a long distance and at high altitude and determine their coordinates with sufficient accuracy.

The TARSIS is integrated into the Ministry of Defence’s RAPAZ Programme, and has already taken part in several flight campaigns to certify its technological capabilities. Over the course of 2022, it was also used at the Air and Space Force’s UAV School, as well as in various units and commands during NATO’s Rapid Deployment Capacity LIVEX exercises, such as the SOFEX 2022 exercise, led by the Joint Special Operations Command.

AERTEC is an international firm specialising in aerospace technology, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022 and which operates in the aerospace, defence and airport industries.

It designs on-board systems for aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms, and guidance solutions for both civil and military environments. It produces light tactical UASs with their own design and technology, such as the TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25, for observation and surveillance applications, and to provide support in military operations. It also designs, manufactures and deploys systems to digitise work environments and automate functional tests, as part of the global, smart factory concept.

It is a preferred provider (Tier 1) of engineering services for AIRBUS in all its divisions: Commercial, Helicopters, Defence and Space, in the different centres that AIRBUS owns worldwide. It has taken part in major global aeronautical projects, such as the A400M, A330MRTT, A350XWB, A320, Beluga and C295 programmes.

It is the leading aviation engineering firm in airports, taking part in studies on investments, planning and design, providing consultancy services for airport operations, and improving processes in the terminal area and airfield. Its products are in use in over 160 airports in 40+ countries on every continent.

With a staff of more than 600 professionals, it has registered companies in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Colombia, Peru, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

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